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Large open area and easily accessible. The airfield promises to be a convenient place to hold a variety of events. Unfortunately, due to problems with planning, motorsport events are unable to be held on our site within the airfield (for motorsport activities visit The site lends itself perfectly to self-catering events. However, facilities need to be sourced by the hirer, for local companies view the links section at the bottom of this page. The Airfield boasts a large area available for parking. Marked bays are available, however, parking is not restricted to this area.

As well as being used for film productions the airfield has also been and can be used for filming TV programs and commercials. With the large open area and easy accessibility it is suitable for almost anything. Some of the TV programmes and commercials filmed on the Airfield are:

TV & Commercial


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Midsomer Murders use Bovingdon Airfield as production base whilst they were filming at a nearby venue.